Wu Lab

Department of Biology

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA 22904

lab: 434-982-5478

fax: 434-982-5626

Microbial genomics

Microbial diversity






  1. -Martin Wu, PI

  1. -Yingnan Gao, Graduate Student

  2. -Yiyi Pu, Graduate student

  3. -Jonathan Borrelli, Postdoctoral fellow


We are interested in studying how microbes evolve, adapt and diversify at the molecular, organismal and community levels. To gain insights into the fundamental mechanisms underlying these processes, we use an interdisciplinary approach that draws upon the fields of genomics, evolutionary biology, computational biology, and ecology. In particular, a large portion of our work will employed phylogenomics—the synergistic integration of evolutionary and genomic analyses—to investigate these questions.

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